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Lessons & Classes

Payment is expected prior or at the start of class.  We do accept credit cards.

Private Sessions are available for those who prefer an individualized program.  The cost of a private session are:

$35 – 30 minutes

$40 – 45 minutes

$50 – 1 hour

Semi-private lessons are also available.  Call for more information or email us at info@worthmoreequestrian.com  

Course Descriptions

By popular demand, we are now offering horsemanship courses.  These courses are designed for both children and adults. 

All courses are designed to create a well-rounded, competent horseperson.  Our horsemanship course incorporates curricula and standards from nationally recognized organizations such as the Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) and Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship (PATH Intl.).   Each level will learn horsemanship skills, both “on the ground” as well as “mounted” including grooming and proper care of the horse, tack and equipment, veterinary care and horse terminology.  

Each course meets weekly for 1 hours for 9 weeks.  The cost of each course (except the “Minis” and “Novice Level 2”) is $275.00.   The Fall Semester begins Monday, September 9th. Although full payment prior to the start of class is preferred, payment schedules are available.  We also take credit cards!!

Minis Course - This class is designed for children ages 5 to 7 years.  Basic horsemanship and safety will be taught through game oriented activities.  Basic ground and riding skills as well as proper riding position will be the focus.   For safety, this class is limited to 4 students.                                       $295.00

Beginner Course Skill Level 1- Participants will learn how to groom and tack their horse.  The goal for this level is to be able to steer competently at a walk and to trot for a short distance off the lunge line. This class is limited to 5 students.                                                                                     

Beginner Course Skill Level 2 –Students in this course will learn to walk and trot unassisted.  Upon completion, students should be able to walk, hold a two-point, and post at a trot.  Riders will be able to ride basic shapes (circle, serpentine, figure 8), recognize, and change posting diagonal. This class is limited to 5 participants.                                                                                                  

Beginner Course Skill Level 3 - This course is designed for the rider ready to begin the canter. Activities that will be tackled include:  riding without stirrups, sitting trot, canter, ride an introductory dressage test, trot over simple course of poles.  This class is limited to 5 participants.       

Novice Course Skill Level 1 –Participants must be able to properly prepare (groom/tack/untack) their horse.  Students will continue to develop their fundamental skills, riding without stirrups, and keeping a steady pace.  Lateral work will be introduced.  Students will learn to trot a simple course of crossrails, canter into a single jump, fix a lead through a simple change, half-halt, halt from a trot and vice versa.  “Trailer-in’s” accepted upon assessment of the horse/pony by instructor.  This class is limited to 4 participants.

Novice Course Skill Level 2- Students participating in this course should be able to warm up independently and ride proficiently at all gaits.  A clinical approach will be utilized for this course safety and educational purposes.   Some of the techniques students will learn include leg yields, how to adjust distance to a jump, canter from a walk, and flying lead changes.   This class is limited to 4 riders.


We still offer private lessons for those who prefer one on one attention.    Call for details.



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